My ‘Beautiful’ Mini-Playlist

I heard the song ‘Beautiful People’ from Benny Benassi and Chris Brown recently and had forgotten how much I love it. It also reminded me that ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2 is my favorite song of all time.It reminds me of my traveling, seeing the world’s beautiful sunrise and sunsets, the individualities of each country, its people and their beauty.


That got me to thinking and I’ve pulled together this playlist of tracks with ‘beautiful’ in the title. Click here to hear the whole thing on Grooveshark, then let me know on Facebook or Twitter which tracks I’ve missed out and I’ll add them on.
Wherever in this world you are today I trust you’re having a ‘Beautiful Day’ 🙂
[spotify:track:0G5F2msfVO77xs7ql2RiTS] [spotify:track:2eqSXs0g5E7ydQqLcT58Lr] [spotify:track:5pbajJXEPdcoXQPXoAVR1t] [spotify:track:2P5cIXejqLpHDQeCHAbbBG] [spotify:track:4675yUu8AUbE72T94BkLCD] [spotify:track:7nb2hZWBxeG38lwcRjFqn4]

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