Midtown East Personal Trainer

David is a leader in the NYC fitness industry . Born in Youngstown, Ohio, he attended NC State University on a full division 1 football scholarship, graduating in 1995 with a degree in economics.

A former competitive athlete, he has 20 years of experience, in 50 different countries, and has undertaken extensive personal and professional fitness research. While a personal trainer in New York and Sydney, Australia, he has logged 10,000+ hours working in the personal training field. Additionally David has 25,000+ hours in lifetime sports-related activities under his belt. He was contracted as Nicole Kidman’s live-in personal trainer, health chef, and personal security from 2003-2008. These years in Sydney focusing on Ms Kidman’s development provided him a privileged opportunity to attune his approach to personal client care.

David draws on this extensive experience in the top-end of the fitness field when tailoring your personalized fitness program. No client’s goals are too big or too small. In New York City and globally, he has guided the physical transformation of hundreds of people, from stay-at-home moms, to busy executives, to celebrities and athletes, to students and the “average guy.”

David Janik Fitness offers a challenging, positive, and motivating environment that encourages the best in your body, mind and spirit. Let us be your Midtown East Personal Trainer and guide you towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle.