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DJF Kitchen: Grandma’s Pirohy

I’ve got a very special recipe for this week’s DJF Kitchen. It’s passed on from my dear Grandma Janik whose family were from Slovakia, and I took the recipe below from her cookbook. ‘Pirohy’, as spelled by the Slovaks, is one of my favorite dishes, especially when made by my Grandma and my mom 🙂
Enjoy after a sweaty and tough workout!!


Grandma’s Pirohy


3 Cups flour
2 eggs
1 tsp. salt
1 tblsp. soft butter
Enough water to make a soft dough                             
3 large potatoes                         
2 tblsp. butter
About 1/2 lb. sharp cheese (longhorn)


First prepare potatoes:  cook, mash and add  1 onion that has been diced and
                                    sauted in 2 T butter, season with salt and pepper to
                                    taste.  Add cheese that has been but into small pieces
                                    Set aside and cool.  This potato and cheese mixture is
                                    almost a snack in itself.


For the dough:   Sift flour and salt and combine with soft butter and slightly beaten
                          eggs, using enough water to make a soft dough.  Roll out thin
                          on floured board and cut into 2″ squares or circles (made with
                           doughnut cutter); then, on each circle place a heaping teaspoon
                           of the prepared and cooled potatoes.  Fold in half and pinch
                            the edges all around securely so that the filling does not
                           escape while cooking.  Drop in salted boiling water until
                           pirohi come to the top , about 10 minutes.  Strain.  Serve
                           hot in sauteed butter and onions.