Get Fit in Minutes?

While fitness and nutrition is what I’m all about, I don’t kid myself: I know that for every health nut who puts workout at the top of their agenda, there are 10 people who wish they had the time to do more. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to do nothing, because completely cutting exercise out of your life has serious physical and mental kickbacks. And with so many 5-minute, 10-minute, 8-minute workouts around, there’s no excuse!!

If done right, they can keep you in pretty good shape: the key to all them is to keep the pace up and focus on technique. This one’s from Men’s Health. See the full article, with demonstration videos, here.

10-Minute Fat Blaster

Burn calories before you jump in the shower with this bodyweight circuit from Craig Ballantyne, C.S.C.S.

Perform this circuit without rest between exercises. Then rest 1 minute and repeat the circuit. Do as many circuits as you can in 10 minutes. For the full article, and demonstration videos, click here.

Jumping Jack
Start with your feet hip-width apart and hands at your sides. Simultaneously raise your arms above your head and jump so you can spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Then jump again to lower your arms and bring your feet together. Do 20 reps.

Prisoner Squat
Stand with your hands behind your head, your chest out and your elbows back. Sit back at your hips and bend your knees to lower your body as far as possible without losing the natural arch of your spine. Squeeze your glutes and push yourself back up to the starting position. Do 12 reps.

Assume the classic pushup position: legs straight, hands beneath your shoulders. Now brace your abs. Keeping your body rigid, lower yourself until your chest touches the floor. Then push back up until your arms are extended. Do 15 reps.

Forward Lunge
From a standing position, take a large step forward with one leg. When your front thigh is parallel to the floor and your back knee is off the floor, hold for 1 second. Then return to the starting position and repeat with your other leg. Do 12 reps with each leg. (Make it harder by holding the lowered position for 5 seconds.)

Stand with your back to the wall and feet about 4 inches from the wall. Place the back of your arms against the wall, with upper arms parallel to floor and forearms at 90 degrees. Raise your arms overhead while keeping them against the wall at all times. Slowly return to below the starting position, tucking your elbows into your sides and bringing shoulder blades together. Do 10 reps.