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How To Grocery Shop Like a Hunter-Gatherer

We need to stop grocery shopping like zombies and wise up. This article shows us how to be more vigilant with what we buy and what we put into our bodies.


Just because we don’t have to actually pick, gather, milk, hunt or fish for our food doesn’t mean that we can walk into a market in a daze and load up the cart without thinking. We have to be as vigilant as if we’re out on the savanna scouting for the next meal. We need to be modern hunter-gatherers.


Just like the hunter-gatherer who learned which poisonous mushrooms, plants, seafood and other seemingly edible foods to avoid, if you want to live a long, healthy life, you need to get educated and learn what food products to avoid and what foods to pounce on.


The ultimate goal of the hunt is to bring back organic, real foods that contain the biochemicals that make cells, tissues, hormones, neurotransmitters and so on. In other words, real foods could be (theoretically) picked, gathered, milked, hunted or fished. Processed foods don’t contain the biochemicals the human body needs to rebuild, but they do contain toxins; a twofer. You used to be able to hunt the perimeter of the store, but not any more. Now, no matter where you look, you’re going to see tantalizing food products conveniently placed within reach — even in the produce section. Think historically. If it wasn’t eaten prior to 150 years ago, it’s not good to eat today. This includes soy and products made with soy. Men in particular should avoid soy and flax which both contain phytoestrogens, which tamp down testosterone. Read More Here