Scanning Of A Human Brain By X-rays

Brain Training Can Improve Your Brain Power

Even computer games are claiming to improve your brain power these days. With so many different activities and excises out there, what  really works, and what benefits can physical exercise have?

Brain training is becoming a hot topic from games to exercise. PsychCentral told us on April 20 how changing our brainenhances well-being and a day earliler the New York Times reported on “How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain.” Recently my own interviews for the Providence Journal taught us the increased benefits of exergamimg; that is, combined exercise and videos. The studies are beginning to show the value of keeping the brain engaged.

Brain training games

What can be done to promote optimal cognitive aging? Despite what we have heard about word search games and crossword puzzles, these can be of limited value. Once a particular set of crossword patterns and word association skills are mastered, the brain is no longer as excited as it was when first challenged. Computerized cognitive stimulation exercises allow administration of activities that challenge multiple cognitive faculties. Furthermore, the difficulty of the challenge can be dynamically matched to the user’s level of functioning. Read More Here