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Chinese Power: 30-Day Transformation

Now over a week between HK and Guzangzhou and the 30 day training program has begun strongly, with 6 workouts in 3 days. Back to American football training we go… And why? Because it works!’
Below is an overview of the workouts and a very basic nutrition plan designed to maximize fat loss results in the shortest amount of time. I’ll mention now, this is not for the weak!

OVERVIEW –Our Fitness goal – to become stronger, faster, and ultimately leaner in 30 days.
First on the hit list is increasing the anaerobic threshold (AT) – essentially the rate of recovery while performing high output movements, usually of 60 seconds or less. This increases fat metabolism sharply and, at the same time adapts body composition, increasing strength and speed.
In an article from Rice University, the definition of AT is as follows: ‘The AT varies from person to person, and, within a given individual, sport to sport. Untrained individuals have a low AT (approximately 55 % of VO2 max), and elite endurance athletes, a high AT (approx. 80 – 90% of VO2 max).’
‘You can train your body to remove lactate better and to juice up the aerobic mitochondrial enzymes, thus raising the AT. Don’t worry you still get to experience the joy of lactate-laden legs that won’t move, but it will happen at a faster running speed. Applying the right types of workouts is the key to properly shape your AT.’
The three anaerobic training categories we will focus include Speed, Plyometric, and Strength.  These exercises will be performed outside, 4 days per week. This, of course, all depends on location availability.
Anaerobic Speed Drills – 10,20 40 yard wind sprints, shuttle run(5-10-5), uphill and downhill sprints, gassers, and other high output high intensity speed work.
Anaerobic Strength Work – ropes, sled drag, sled push, tire throw, sandbag lunges/squat jumps,  cleans, farmers walk, medicine ball throw, core throw, etc.
Anaerobic Plyometric Work – primarily involves jumping.  Exercises include 1 legged hop, power skip, frog jumps, double leg bounds, platform jumps, stair jumps, etc.
Harnessing these three aspects of training adapts the nervous system to high levels of stress – and this is key to seeing your body composition truly change.


Guangzhou River - another backdrop to our fitness program.

Here’s my initial thoughts on how we’ll be approaching this challenge:
Week 1-aerobic training for preparing the body to do anaerobic training.  Really important to avoid injury!
Week 2, 3, 4– increasing speed daily using the exercises above.
Training Schedule

The training schedule will really rely on where we are day-to-day. Haven’t quite got the feel of the place yet, but expecting to come up against some really tricky location issues out here… But that’s all part of the fun!
2 daily workouts-each approx 1 hour
Monday through Sunday
Weekly workouts
4-weightlifting sessions
4- anaerobic sessions
4- cardiovascular sessions
2 – yoga/ stretching sessions
TESTING – LAst day of Week 1
-Pushups, Situps, vertical jump, standing broad jump
-Shuttle test, 40 yard, and 1 mile
-Body weight
3 meals- 3 shakes
High protein/moderate carb/low fat
No simple sugar
Water, water, water(bottled:)
2000 calories
This plan depends on availability of food supply and cooking options per locations in China.
More to follow in a few days:)) Stay tuned.