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Sex is great! No surprises there, but unfortunately an increasing number of people have lost touch with their mojo. This is an issue not to be overlooked. Sex is great for overall health, happiness and longevity – and if you consistently don’t feel in the mood, you should seek medical assistance for your own sake.

I’m also intrigued by the 80% female, 20% male divide of those seeking help – is this a larger problem for women, or are guys more likely to avoid the doctor with these issues?

Why you should get your mojo running

Regular sex has been linked to good health and longevity. It’s why Ottawa sex therapist Sue McGarvie decided to run a libido boot camp


If you’re in a monogamous relationship and you’re not having sex, you have a problem, says Ottawa sex therapist Sue McGarvie.

Low libido is a problem for between a third and half of all women, and a surprisingly number of men.

“Every day it becomes a bigger part of my practice. Sex is adult play. And if you’re not playing with your partner, then what are you doing?”

And it’s an important problem to correct because a healthy sex life can improve all-around health and longevity, while a low libido is often the first indicator that something else is wrong, says McGarvie, who estimates that just over a third of the emails she gets on her website are about libido. About 80 per cent of the low-libido cases she sees are women, while 20 per cent are men.

McGarvie decided to run a two-night libido boot camp because she wanted people to see that they’re not alone. (For details,

The issue of flagging desire is so important to overall health that in 2010 the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada asked members to talk to their patients about libido — and offer medical advice if it’s in the doldrums.

“Sex is your early warning sign,” says McGarvie, who in treating men with low libido has uncovered more than one case of Type 2 diabetes. Low libido in men can also be indicative of heart disease, prostate problems or hormonal issues.

“If something is going wrong sexually, there’s something else wrong.”…

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