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Testimonial from an awesome ex-client!

Here’s a letter from one of my favorite clients of all time.  He came to me in sept 2001, and before long he’d lost 100 lbs, then gained 25 lbs of sheer muscle!!

It’s a client like Jeff that is reason enough to love what I do.  This is why I never go to work – unless it’s a particularly difficult client… 😉

From Jeff:

In the time that I have been working with Dave, he has helped me lose and maintain an over 100 pound weight loss.  I had grown so tired of being heavy, always exhausted, somewhat depressed and when I had to buy a suit at a “big and tall” men’s shop (and I’m not very tall), I knew I needed a change.

Dave addressed nutrition in a way that made sense to me.  Food wasn’t a comfort really, it was fuel for my body.  Protein and vegetables became a way of life. He also helped guide me in an unexpected way.  He taught me that if we did 3 one-hour sessions each week, and if I slept an average of 8 hours per night, over 100 waking hours remained in each week.  He insisted that in each of those hours, I be aware of my goals.

In terms of my sessions with him, he encouraged more than a slight warm up prior to each appointment.  At his urging, I have always done about 20 minutes of cardio prior to a session.  I find that I am not only warmed up, but it has helped escalate the increase in my fitness level.  I also have adopted a regular update with Dave on days that I am not working with him.  This has been very helpful to me.  Dave also pays attention during each set, often offering slight adjustments that truly change an exercise.

Over the years, we’ve set various goals from weight lost to waist size.  Each time we reach a goal, we adjust the bar and drop in a new goal.  It has been an amazing journey with an unbelievable partner.

Jeff Capitola-Vice President, Touring Productions at Madison Square Garden Entertainment.