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10 Tools for a Healthy Brain

A healthy attitude to life must take consideration of mind, as well as body. There’s no doubt the two are connected: regular exercise and a balanced diet will improve your emotional state and mental performance, and vice versa! I always make sure my clients understand this link and that you can’t just focus on getting into shape physically. And it’s exactly the same for all you guys! Just for you: ’10 Tools for a Healthy Brain’, from the Huffington Post.


10 Tools for a Healthy Brain

Dr. Fritz Strobl

As a neurologist who has treated memory problems for more than 30 years at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, the question I hear every day is, “How can I keep my mind active and sharp?” Here are 10 ways that I recommend:
Engage in Mental Exercises.
The brain is an organ that needs exercise. It is a biological computer and, like a computer, needs to process new information regularly. You can exercise your brain each day with simple activities like reading new materials, solving crossword or Sudoku puzzles, playing stimulating games like chess or Scrabble, attending a lecture or taking an educational course.
Get Physical Exercise.
Along with your brain, the rest of your body needs exercise too. Exercise enhances brain function. When your heart rate increases, so does the flow of blood to your brain. Exercise also improves your mood and helps alleviate depression. It even helps produce new brain cells. And it doesn’t take much exercise. Start by walking 30 minutes daily. Take the stairs, not the elevator. If you like golfing, skip the golf cart and walk. Go out dancing or ride a bicycle. Just do an exercise you like at least three times per week.
Avoid Smoking, Recreational Drugs and Excess Alcohol.
Smoking cigarettes not only decreases your lifespan, but also markedly increases your risk of stroke. Multiple small strokes are a leading cause of dementia. Street drugs are often laced with impurities that can cause brain damage. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause irreversible damage, which may seem imperceptible at first, but will eventually catch up with you.
Eat Healthy Foods.
Your brain has a critical need for oxygen, glucose and other nutrients, which it can’t store, so it is entirely dependent on what is in the blood. If your arteries are clogged with cholesterol from a poor diet, they can’t supply these essentials effectively. To optimize your diet, supplement it daily with foods rich in omega-3 such as fish, walnuts or fish oil capsules. Try to eat three meals per day but consume just enough calories to maintain your weight. Studies have also shown that eating a balanced breakfast improves brain functionality and enhances intellect.
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