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Exercise: More Effective Than Antidepressants?

An article here from The Huffington Post showing that exercise does a whole lot more than keeping us fit. It’s a core human need, and it’s very important we don’t neglect it.

Recently I was reviewing the topics I will be writing about in my column, and I came across the topic of exercise and depression. I began to reflect on some of the hard times in my life and realized that my exercise regimen was always a lifesaver — a way to feel better both physically and emotionally. It has always been my relief from emotional pain, and I know that without it those hard times may have resulted in deep depression. The most depressive times for me, for example, were going through a difficult divorce and becoming a single parent to two very young children while trying to start a new business, running that business several years later while supporting my spouse as he underwent cancer treatment, and now trying to live with the aftermath of what that cancer treatment did to him and to the marriage. Not easy stuff, right? I can’t tell you how many times doctors suggested that I go on antidepressants to help me deal with these situations. But I am someone who dislikes taking drugs, and again, I know one of the best solutions for me has been exercising every day in some way. That’s NOT to say that drugs are not appropriate for some people–I am not a doctor and do not profess to know what’s right for everyone. That is a choice that you must make for yourself while considering your doctor’s advice. Read More