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DJF Kitchen: Chicken Salad

What’s cooking? Today, it’s chicken salad. Straightforward, and mega healthy: chicken is 27% protein, the same as steak. Great for a midweek meal after a heavy session at the gym!


DJF Chicken Salad

1 lb Boneless skinless chicken tenders

Butter/Bibb  lettuce
2 table spoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mrs Dash Original


1.  Mix Ingredients in a bowl, and of course not the lettuce
2. Apply light coating of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the non stick skillet
3. On medium high heat,  place Chicken Tenders in skillet, turning a few times every minute until complete.  Approx 6 mins.
4.  Remove and serve happily over a bed of lettice for those Rock Hard Abs you’ve always desired.
Hint: Repeat daily:-)